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Syracuse in the Sweet Sixteen - How Sweet it is!!

Posted on: March 22, 2009 10:48 pm

 I can't tell you how much I dreaded today's game between Syracuse and Arizona State. I feared that the 'cuse would revert back to some of their old ways.......but they didn't.......for the most part. The Marathon Men all  showed strength, especially in the first half. True to their history, the Orange allowed their lead to be trimmed down to 4. Yet, they somehow still seemed to keep control of the Sun Devils. However, I never allowed myself to rejoice in the fact that they had made it to the Sweet Sixteen until about one minute remained in the game. One of the things that truly amazed me about the 'cuse is the professional way that they presented themselves. No one beat on their chest. Paul could have scored near the very end, but opted not to put salt in the wounds of the Sun Devils.

Now, we go on to meet Oklahoma. Point blank.....if 'cuse can take on UCONN, they can sure as hell take on the Sooners. How do they beat them? Below is part two of my message to the team: 

Make that 2-3 zone tight. Let no one in, but at the same time, be prepared to stop anyone who wants to make 3 pointers. Do all that is possible to foul Blake out.

GET THOSE REBOUNDS!!!  Anticipate every move! Nothing pains me more (and Coach Boeheim) to see a weakness develop in the zone and you all stand there and watch the train derail. Do all that is possible to keep your train on track.

Call me an armchair quarterback, if you will, but I'm sure you will draw the same conclusions if you refer back to the game videos.

Don't misunderstand me. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! I use the same tough love  on my own kids.

Go to Memphis and let the King of Rock-n-Roll know that you, the Kings of Basketball have arrived. You can do this!!! I know you can!!!

Destination Detroit!!!


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